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What We Believe

Our purpose is to know Jesus

and make Him known.


Our vision is to be inter-generational, family focused, gospel centered,

fully devoted followers of Christ.


Our mission is to love God completely, love all people genuinely.

Statements of Faith

The Trinity

We believe God exists in three persons: The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Each are equal, separate and distinct all while simultaneously being completely intertwined. It is God's intention to live in us and through us.(1) 


God the Father

We believe in God the Father (2), an infinite(3), personal spirit (4), perfect in holiness (5), wisdom, power, and love (6). He is merciful in his affairs of all mankind (7), He hears and answers prayers (8), and He saves from sin and death all who come to Him though Jesus Christ the Son (9). 



God the Son

We believe God the Son is Jesus Christ who has always existed.(10) He came to live on earth being fully God and fully Man.(11) We believe in His virgin birth(12), sinless life (13), miracles (14), teachings (15), substitutionary death on the cross (16), bodily resurrection (17), ascension into heaven (18), constant intercession for His people (19), and His visible return to earth. (20) 



The Holy Spirit

We believe in the person of the Holy Spirit.  He was promised by the prophet Joel and by Jesus Christ, as our Comforter, before His crucifixion; promised to all members of mankind, men, women, children, who call on Jesus to become their Lord and Savior. (21) When we realize that we are separated from our Creator by our sinful nature, the Holy Spirit is convicting us and showing us that only the sacrifice of Jesus's earthly life on a cross can be the atonement of those sins. (22) The Holy Spirit indwells in those believers and makes us a new creation. (23) The Holy Spirit guides us, revealing truths that help mature us in our faith and brings spiritual gifts, creating ministries of all sorts, teaching, preaching, and living as a "part" of the body of Christ. (24) 


The Bible

The Bible is God’s word. (25) The Bible is true and without error. (26) We are to follow the Bible without adding or subtracting from it. (27) The Bible is divine in nature written by human authors under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. (28) The Bible is eternal. (29) 



Each individual is imperfect and makes errors. The Bible calls this sin and it leaves us short of having a perfect relationship with God. (30) Sin’s price is death, but God in His perfect love gave the gift of eternal life, with Him, through Jesus’s death on our behalf. (31) Jesus told us we need to be born again of Spirit and water. (32) We are born again, or saved, by believing God raised Jesus from the dead and confessing that Jesus is Lord. (33) God’s gift of salvation is by His grace, through faith, not works. However, we are created in Jesus for good works and those have been prepared in advance by God. (34) 




In life we have two paths to choose. One path is wide, easy, and very popular, but it leads to destruction. The other is narrow, unpopular and difficult. It leads to life. (35) At the end of time, Jesus will come again with His angels. Then He will sit on His throne and judge mankind. On one side He will place the righteous who are saved and have done the works of God. These people inherit eternal life. On the other side He will place those who are not saved and who have not done the works of God. These inherit eternal fire and punishment. (36)


The Church

The Church is the body of believers not just in our local community, but all believers around the world with whom we are bound in one Spirit. (37) We aim to build up one another in love and walk with each other on this faith journey. (38) Discipling one another and dedicating ourselves to the Scriptures and living accordingly. (39) We do not see other communities of believers as “competition” but as fellow laborers in the faith. To join them, as one, on mission in our local community, state, country, and world. (40) 



Created by God in his image, man was made to have companionship with Him and rule over the earth. Through disobedience man sinned in the garden and fell into separation from God. (41) Through Adam and Eve all of mankind has fallen into sin and cannot bridge that gap to rejoin God. (42) Man is still made in the image of God and he forms each of us intimately and according to his will. (43) It is God's will that all mankind be reconciled to Him through Jesus, and we should love all people as He loves us. (44)






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